The founding days of the course itself were not as the playground of the sporting aristocracy but, to the contrary, in December 1916 the Second Duke had handed Eaton Hall and Grounds to the War Office as a Convalescent Home for Officers and it is believed that the course was created as part of the therapeutic treatment for the patients, probably in 1917/18.

After the War the Duke maintained the course and Eaton Golf Club was formed in 1920, principally for members of the staff and tenants of estate farms and properties and it is from that date that we take our Club inauguration.

The original golf course had nine holes, played twice to achieve the traditional 18.The rough was left uncut until it was long enough to make hay so, until hay-making time, finding golf balls was a difficult task !.

Inter-club matches were restricted to Delamere Forest, Curzon Park (Chester) and Chester Doctors. Monthly medals were played, together with a knock-out competition for the Duke’s Cup and the Hunter Cup. Members of the Estate staff were encouraged to join the club. The Duke paid all expenses and membership was free. Thus household staff, butlers and footmen, together with gardeners, foresters and estate workers played. This applied up to their leaving.