Clubhouse Bar

The clubhouse has been the subject of regular upkeep and renewal over the years and offers excellent facilities for members and visitors to enjoy. The members’ lounge for the clubhouse overlooks the course and sitting in by the windows, discussing your round over a drink, is a well-earned pleasure.

There is then a shared mixed lounge, overlooking the first tee where players can enjoy a coffee before they head out or something stronger as they watch others begin their game. No matter where visitors choose to relax before or after their game, they can be sure of a warm and friendly reception from both the members and the clubhouse team.

It is not surprising that Russ won UK Golf Club Steward of the Year when you realise the experience he brought to Eaton Golf Club. His personality, sense of humour and professionalism endears him to members, staff and visitors.

Joining the Royal Navy in 1983 and being trained in all aspects of the hospitality trade enabled him to take professional exams to become a Leading Steward. This took him in 1984/1985 on an Exocet Leander Class Frigate to the Falklands and the Gulf. In 1987 he was back in the Falklands followed by a ten month world trip. In 1992 he joined HMS Ark Royal on various tasks including peace keeping missions to Bosnia.

On land Russ spent two years as House Manager to the Surgeon Rear Admiral at Gosport. Russ also worked with The Naval Secretary, Vice Admiral Malbon, and at the Old Naval Academy (a high ranking naval officers club) before being promoted to Chief Petty Officer.

In 2000 he was then selected to work for Lord West as House Manager and over the next six years was responsible for all functions both in residence and Admiralty Arches in Trafalgar Square which hosted Heads of State, Foreign Ambassadors and members of the Royal Family.