Course open, winter rules, preferred lies.

Ladies Open Day – 28th July, 2017

Congratulations to the winners from Friday, we hope everyone enjoyed there day.

Below are the top three results from Friday:

1st     Name:                          Club:                                 Score:

Lesley Cork                       Bowring                                 85

Brenda Gibson                       “

Sue Grimmett                        “

Carol Barnes                          “


2nd     Name:                         Club:                                  Score:

Margaret Fairhurst           Prestbury                              81

Sylvia Brough                            “                                

Clair Jones                                “

Pat Hamston                            “


3rd     Name                           Club:                                  Score:

Marjorie Afzal                  Frodsham                                81

Jo Carter                          Warrington

Madeline Thompson       Frodsham

Sue Wiseman                  Vale Royal