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I would like to apply to become a member of Eaton Golf Club and, if accepted, agree to abide by the Rules, Bye-Laws and Etiquette of the Club.

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The Proposer and Seconder must have been share-holding member of Eaton Golf Club for at least one year and have known the applicant for a reasonable length of time. Both sponsors will be responsible for introducing the new member, advising on etiquette and the rules of Eaton Golf Club. The sponsors will also ensure the new member’s smooth integration into the club.

If you do not know any members at Eaton Golf Club we will need two references instead

For new applicants who do not know any current Eaton members, we simply ask for two references and ideally one should be from your previous/current Club unless you are new to Golf or haven't played in some time.

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On receipt this application will be passed to the Membership Committee and you be advised in due course as the progress of your application. Applicants should note that this is an application for membership of Eaton Golf Club and, although all applications will be considered, no guarantee of membership can be inferred or implied. No privileges of membership will be granted to the applicant until membership is confirmed.

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