It was pleasing to see two swans feeding on the 8th pond last week.

Are they just visiting or will they stay?

Looking through the Wildlife Sightings book, I see that swans have been seen visiting the course in 2004, 2005,2006 and 2008.

Have they stopped coming since then or have we not recorded them in the book? I don't know.

However, this does show that it is useful to record what you see on the course, to note the changes over the decades for one thing.

Has anyone put this pair in the book? I'm afraid I have not - they were seen on Wednesday, 25th September 


Back in 2004 we had a ménage á trois who stayed on the 18th pond for some time but did not nest.

We put a swan platform on the 8th pond in 2004 to encourage them. Both that year and the following year a pair were seen on this platform but sadly they did not nest.

They have in the past nested on this pond using reedmace to form their nest; this was back in the 1990's.