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September 7th

Stimp back up to 9’ today, back up to the target figure, despite cooler and dampish conditions plus rain through the week - around 0.5”.

 Greens were fertilised yesterday with compound material including a phosphate, which we rarely use.  Its purpose is to strengthen the root system, which will have been weakened by the difficult summer.  We want to have the grass growing strongly ahead of the ‘maintenance week’ starting 17 September, when inter alia Gavin plans to hollow tine and top dress.

 Another drought summer chicken coming home to roost is the appearance of grass disease e.g. the large orange circles on the 3rd tee, which is due to the heavy use of mains water for irrigation, which has a different pH to rain water.  It will grow out when fertiliser is applied and natural untreated rain water takes over again.

 Another consequence of the drought is a severe overspend on wetting agent - detergent - to deal with ‘dry patch’ which has been a serious problem this year, necessitating a great deal of hand watering.  At £3,500 we have used more than twice what we did in 2017.

 Everything, including good things, comes at a price.