Course open, no restrictions

Today’s readings by Keith, Peter and me.

Result was 9’ 10”.  The greens have been cut or rolled, alternately, this week.  Today they were both cut and rolled, as they will be tomorrow for the Chester Championships.  We can be confident they will be at our target speed of 10’.  They are quite resilient due to the rains earlier in the week and regular watering overnight. 

The greens have fully recovered from the stresses caused by the heat and irrigation problems last month, and are looking in excellent condition.  So much so that the planned ‘Maintenance week’ has been deferred from August 13 to w/c September 17.  Gavin has been able to carry out some selective over-seeding with fescues and bent seeds, using a seeding drill to get the seeds under the surface.

We now have a replacement pump which will be installed later this year,  Thought  is being given whether we should also buy a slow start slow shutdown control to avoid pressure surges on the system.  There are literally hundreds of plastic to plastic joints across the course which have been weakening since they were installed:  we want to avoid any of them failing under the higher pressure from the new pump.  It could be money well spent!

They hay harvest will start on Monday.  The baler is not likely to be on the course until Thursday at the earliest.