Course open, no restrictions

Stimp today - Keith and Alan - was 8’ 7”, well down on the previous week.  This is because the greens have not been rolled all week - they were solid tined on Monday (steel pins pushed around 4” into the surface to aerate and enable water to get deeper into the greens.  They can’t then be rolled for a few days else the holes will be closed over, negating the treatment.  They have been mowed every day, though.

The rain earlier in the week and with proper function restored to the irrigation system has brought the greens back to more or less proper condition, with reasonable growth returning.  It was also starting to drizzle when we stimped today, which always slows things down a bit.

Note Carnoustie was running at 10’ 2” on day 1 and just over 9’ day 2.  They fear the winds!

We will still spot overseed selected areas during maintenance week, week of August 13.

A new irrigation pump has been ordered.  Barring emergencies it will be fitted later in the autumn.  Even in the sheds it will protect us from a full pump failure:  in the heat we have experienced recently the greens would be at great risk even after only 4-5 days without water.