Course open, winter rules, preferred lies.

Stimp Thursday 13th September

Greens were stimped yesterday rather than today because of availability, courtesy of Messrs. Graves and Warriner.

The result was 9’ 7”.

They have been cut every day - following last week’s feeding - and were rolled yesterday morning, Thursday.

In other news, the wild flower nurseries are being seeded this morning.  

A contractor has been booked for w/c Sept. 24 to clear the 7th pond. We will pump it out into a gravel-topped soakaway (to filter out weed fragments) linked to the original course drainage.  Fish etc. will be rescued and later replaced.  The cleared pond will be scraped out and the weed dumped safely beside the 8th canal as we did before.  The emptied pond will be sprayed out:  then we hope for some rain to refill the pond over the winter.