Course open, no restrictions

Today’s stimp was done by Keith, Ian and me,

The result was 9’ 3”.  After last night’s rain - 12 mm, very welcome, still soaking in to the course - the greens were moist on top which will have taken some speed off them.  They have been cut and rolled the past two days - very little grass coming off - and will receive the same treatment Saturday and Sunday mornings for the Club Championships.  Gavin will also drop the cutting height to 3.5 mm - the regular summer height, which had been lifted to 4 mm to give some protection from the drought.  Speeds for the weekend will be close to the target of 10'.

All of the greens team will be in early both mornings to ready the course, including moving the holes.

We have had more problems with the irrigation system.  A 2” course main burst by the 7th pond over last weekend, so we lost the system for another two days.  Gavin was in at 03:45 on Tuesday morning to set the system running again and double the water application.  All pop-ups are now properly set up.

It is clear on some of the greens e.g. 5th, that the meadow grass has retreated in the drought, leaving the finer deep-rooting grasses (which can go down more than a foot).  The affected grass will return, but we will probably overseed with fescue during the ‘greens week’ in August.  We have a bag of seed in stock - otherwise we are looking at £1000 to buy fresh.