Course Update 21st June

It’s a rather different story this week.  The greens are running at 10’ 3” after being cut and rolled this morning - as they will be again on Saturday fo Captain’s Day.  It’s pleasing to find the speed has gone up even with only 24 hours 'decent' weather.  We have had 20 mm of rain this week - 15 mm at the weekend and 5 mm yesterday.  It will be interesting to hear how some of Mr. Captain’s pin positions work out on fast greens.

The greens were sprayed yesterday with iron (moss and sward strength), seaweed (very gentle fertiliser), and growth moderator to increase sward density.  They  are rolling extremely well.  Our agronomists describe green playing quality in terms of bobble (up and down movement); chatter (ball pings minutely from side to side); and snake, where the ball veers left and right.  It’s all very minor but each is enough to detract from forward motion.  Today there was no sign of any variation.

Elsewhere we are at long last (hopefully) moving into summer conditions, which means staff are hard at it cutting grass.  We have been able to finish fettling up the fairway bunkers.  A lot of the weed in the stream was loosened and flushed down river with last week’s heavy rain, but there is a dense patch by the 16th bridge which will need to be taken out with the digger when resource permits.

We have re-employed as summer temp Frank who was with us last year.  He’s awaiting news of a more permanent job so might not be with us for long, unfortunately.

A plea for some assistance and co-operation.  Members are starting earlier and earlier - often  before 07:30.  The early hours of the morning are when the greens staff have to prepare the course for the day.  Officially they start at 06:00 but it is not uncommon for one or other of them to be out mowing by 5 am.  Notwithstanding the early start we are finding golfers and staff sometimes come together.   Please will players give greens staff right of way?  If they continually have to stand aside and wait they won’t get the job done.  Be assured the lads know players are there and will get out of the way as soon as possible.

Alan Wood