Course open, winter rules, preferred lies.

Hole-in-One on Charity Golf Day at Eaton  31st August.

 So, funny story really about this Hole in One as it’s my second on the same hole this year, I’ve played golf for 45 years and only ever had 3 HIO’s coming into this year and then 2 this year on the same hole the 4th, both unfortunately in none qualifying comps and so the cost of the drinks has to be borne by me and not my insurance.

 Before I went out to play that day I saw Graeme Anderson in the Car park and asked if he’d found any Titleist ProV1X golf balls while he was trawling the course behind the farmer making hay (he normally goes straight out behind the tractor as he finds a lot of golf balls that way) anyway he said he hadn’t been out as he hadn’t been well and we left it at that.

 A few moments later he returned with a bag of balls and found a Titleist ProV1X ball for me. When I looked at it, it had Carol written on the side and we guessed that it was probable one of Carol Claxton’s as (a) her name was Carol and (b) she was one of the few ladies who would splash out on a ProV1x ball.

 So that was the ball I played with and got the HIO on the 4th, this was on the Charity golf day and so a team event, all my other playing partners had already played on the 4th hole and all 3 hit good shots onto the green so I was under pressure to hit a good shot myself. As I hit it I was pleased it was heading towards the green and in the general direction of the flag, it pitched on the green and started rolling towards the hole, we all waited and one of the lads said “that’s got a chance” (of going in) and sure enough it dropped into the hole. We all let out a massive cheer (which apparently could be heard around the course) and did a little jig on the Tee.

 The group playing the 3rd hole behind us all came over and shook my hand and said how much they were looking forward to the drink in the bar later. At this point I wasn’t that bothered but the longer the round went on and more & more people came over to shake my hand I realised what a big round this was going to be, all in all it was £250 which I think, given the numbers who attend the Charity dinner in the evening, was not too bad.

 I’ve kept the ball so Carol won’t be getting it back, her son Bradley said that Roy had bought these balls as a present for Carol and had her name put on them so we do know it’s her ball (or was).

 Simon Dangar SimonD