It takes about 80 very much appreciated volunteers to run our golf club and help to make it such a pretty and enjoyable place to spend our time.

The 200 Club is designed to provide the extras that don’t come within the annual budgets and these include all the beautiful pots and flowers, The halfway house, trophy cabinet, on-course toilet, the 2nd practice net, the course picture in the entrance hall and other items we all take for granted. The current project, which has been challenging, is the electronic notice board that is very close to completion.

The 200 Club is funded as a lottery that gives 50% back to its members in cash prizes. It has been running since 2008 and quite a few of the original supporters have left Eaton Golf Club. Unfortunately, these members have not been fully replaced.

If you do not have time to be a volunteer, you would be very welcome if you wished to support the 200 Club.  It is easy to join and you have the opportunity to make suggestions for future investments in Eaton GC.  The annual subscription is £60 and can be paid by internet banking payable to 60-40-08 a/c 32921926 or by giving the office a cheque made out to Eaton Golf 200 Club.