Course open, winter rules, preferred lies.

 Course Work

Stimping is over for 2018 however, the enhancement project is now well under way.  

Parts of the course are starting to look like a building site but that was always going to be the case.  

Dredging the 7th/8th pond was completed without pumping it out:  we could not be confident that disposal of the water would not release fragments of the weed, Crassula, into the local river system. However, the pond level was very low after the dry summer so we may not have lost too much.  The surrounds will be sprayed out thoroughly with glyphosate weedkiller to eliminate as much of the weed as possible.

The bunker contractor started last Thursday and is motoring his way through the schedule. We have three categories of bunker work to do: new build, complete rebuild of existing, (both led by the contractor), and minor reshaping, which the course staff will do. The ground should be treated as GUR even though there are no white lines: if the ball lies in an area of working ie where the ground has been damaged that should be sufficient definition. 

We have to plan and implement temporary greens and tees to keep the working conditions for the contractor safe.  Thanks are due to Keith Birmingham and Peter Longson for taking this in hand.

The contractor will finish his work for this phase of the project by the end of this coming week, if not sooner.  Then the burden falls on Gavin and his team to (re-) drain, soil up with detailed shaping, turf and sand - a lot of work!  The minor reshaping will be done with a turf iron followed by restoring the edge detail.

More detail next week.

Alan Wood