Course open preferred lies no buggies (updated 21 February at 07:02)

There has been a bit more activity this week than during the snows of last week, which kept the course closed from Tuesday to Sunday. 

Most unusually, on Monday, we had to move to temporary greens until the frost came out of the real ones.  During the initial thaw, the ground remains frozen an inch or so below the surface.  Not only does this mean that foot traffic can move the soft surface across the frozen lower layer - which will shear the grass roots, leading to black foot prints - but melt water can’t get through to the underlying drainage causing the greens to flood.

During the rest of the current week we have had around 10mm of rain which the course has managed well.

Current work is still mainly housekeeping - path edging and bunker refurbishment.  New holes have been cut but there has been no need to mow anywhere.  It’s nearing Spring:  the ravens, which live in the trees across the road from the clubhouse, are digging moss out of the greens for their nests, leaving holes.

Plans - lighting, cameras - have been developed to improve course and club security following the recent scare.  Lugs have been welded onto the delivery access gate to stop it being lifted off its hinges.  Staff are being reminded not to attempt any physical involvement with intruders if detected.

Alan Wood