Course open, winter rules, preferred lies Through the Green, No power trolleys (updated 10 December at 07:48)

No new turfing possible this week.  The turf nursery has not harvested due to wet fields:  we’ve had 1/2 inch of rain in the past 7 days - mainly last weekend.  But the forecast is giving dry (and colder) for the next couple of weeks, so turfing should be complete this month as targeted.  Gavin says that the new turf e.g. on 1 is already rooting strongly into the ground.

 He has been able to edge out some of the fairway bunkers that we don’t plan to rebuild - specifically the 2 fairway bunkers on the 1st and the 2 on 16.  This has created the desired more visible and prominent sand line.  See attached photo of the 16th.  There are 4 more to do (3rd and 13th) to complete this winter’s project work.

 This week the greens have been cut twice - there is still appreciable growth.  Fairways have been mowed.  The cut rough has been reduced to 1.5” (in summer it is 2” - 2.5”) to increase evaporation and help keep the course dry.  We are troubled by worm casts, which get smeared over the ground by mowing, and which we can no longer deal with by spraying, due EU legislation.  Greens have also been sprayed for fusarium, which is now very visible as orange circles.  It’s everywhere:  the current mild humid conditions are ideal for it.  Fortunately as long as the grass is growing the marks should recover quite quickly.


 16th bunkers