Course open, winter rules, preferred lies Through the Green, No power trolleys (updated 10 December at 07:48)

November 9th Update

Some routine course work this week.  Greens approaches have been vertidrained.  Fairways have been cut, once - growth has slowed significantly.  Greens are due to be mowed - they are a bit bumpy following recent treatments, but are too soft to roll.  Mowing will help.  

The current mild and humid conditions are ideal for fusarium:  there are signs of it on the greens which needs to be treated to avoid unsightly scarring which would be visible all winter.  A single spray of fungicide costs £7-£800, but it must be done.  We need frosts!

3 more bunkers have been turfed:  4th greenside, 13th greenside and 13th new fairway.  That leaves 4 to do - 4th new fairway, 7th new fairway and 16th and 17th greensides.  These should be done over the next 2 weeks.  That leaves a number of sand line adjustments to some fairway bunkers:  the architect’s proposed lines can be seen e.g. on the first hole.  The work is straightforward and will not be obtrusive.

We trialled another rough mower early in the week.  It gave very good results, and being 15-20% wider will be more productive than others we have evaluated - and our current machine.  There is one more trial to go (next week) before we can make a decision.

Finally, a duck house has been launched on the clubhouse pond - see photo - for which we are grateful to Rupert Thorp who made and donated it.  Note the house will not attract flocks of extra ducks - at full capacity it can support 4!  it is only visible from close to because of the quantity of vegetation around the pond.  We plan to  dredge this out, as with other ponds on the course, at a suitable time over the winter.    It’s a big digger job - our own mini machine does not have sufficient reach.  There are ecological issues we have to bear in mind.


 duck house