Course open, winter rules, preferred lies.

Course update October 19th

The contractor finished, for this year, on Monday.  We are delighted with what he’s been able to do - quantity and quality.  He can do in minutes what would take us hours with our limited kit, and better.  When banks are consolidated by a 16 tonne digger they stay consolidated, even after rain.

Gavin will start to turf in a week or so - in the short term he has some greens work to do.  Turfing should be done by the end of November, by when the bunkers will look a bit less scary and the course less like the Somme.

The current trial rough mower (pictured here) is impressive in quality of cut, capacity, and build.  We still have the Toro version to evaluate, but for now the current example is leader in the clubhouse.

The course continues to play well.  The grass is still growing, despite the advent of early morning frosts which delays the staff getting on to the course but not yet the early golfers.  Apologies for the odd clash!

Alan Wood

rough mower