Course open, winter rules, preferred lies.

Progress so far

We have made a lot of progress on the project this week:  the contractor is very skilled and gets through the work much more quickly than we had anticipated.  He is an artist with his 16 tonne, £70,000, digger, on which he can angle the bucket.  That means he is able to shape contours with it - far quicker than doing it by hand.  Eaton’s heavy clay sub-soil is a constant challenge, but he is coping.

The contractor will leave the site Monday or Tuesday next week, by which time he will have dug out, shaped, and roughly top-soiled 9 or possibly 10 large bunkers.  We need to be careful not to set up too much work for Gavin and his team to complete over the winter:  there remains quite a lot to do to install drainage, add a final layer of top soil then turf.  Sand comes last - next March, probably.

Gavin also has a number of minor reshapings to do - mainly work with a turf iron, plus some face rebuilding.  At the moment we have 9 on the list for this winter.

That will leave us with 7 or 8 rebuilds and 3 reshapings for next winter, plus moving the 14th white/yellow tee - a job for the contractor.

In other news, we have been trialling a new style rough mower.  This one is shaft driven rather than using a belt system which was a constant maintenance problem.  The results look very promising, but this particular mower is 2’ narrower than others we are also going to assess:  the loss of productivity from the narrower mower would be significant.



 1st Greenside Bunker

 2nd Fairway Bunker


 2nd Greenside Bunker