Course open, winter rules, preferred lies.

It’s been rather more routine on the course this week while we focused on non-project tasks.  Apart from general mowing - the grass is still growing, and will keep doing so until the soil temperature falls several degrees, which will take more than the occasional mild ground frost we’ve experienced recently - all the greens have been verti-drained.  This entails solid steel rods around 15 mm diameter being punched into the greens through the root zone level to the gravel drainage, which lies about a foot below the surface.  It’s done to get air down to the grass roots.  A lack of oxygen leads to anaerobic decomposition (= rotting) which weakens the grass, unsurprisingly.  At the same time a bit of angle on the rods gently lifts the surface slightly and relieves compaction.

Next week we will do the same to the tees.

The rebuilt bunkers on 1 and 2 have had their drains connected up, and turf is being ordered to start covering them.  This will be left until February/March next year to ensure that the turf roots firmly through to the soil beneath.  They will then be cut to their final shape under instructions from the architect before sand is added.