It will not be long, if it has not happened already, before members notice that the old teaching ground is becoming deep rough.  This is not by design.  We had intended to do what we did last year - mow it to cut rough height until the beginning of May then let it go.  From experience - e.g. the 12th carry - we’ve found that it will remain fairly thin and playable.  We had also intended to do the same with a belt between cut and deep rough elsewhere on the course to create a fringing rough strip that would take some of the sting out of the deep rough, as signalled in the member’s survey.

But, because of the perpetual rains we have not been able to get machinery on the course at the right time.  It’s now got too long to cut with our machinery - we’ve burnt our several drive belts on the rough cutter.  If possible we will try to take out some of it but we don’t have the time or manpower at the moment to devote days to it - we are 3-4 weeks behind with normal work as it is.

Alan Wood

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