Course Development News – 1st October

Work will begin this week on the course enhancement project, as described at the Open meeting last November.  The focus is on the bunkers, most of which will either be reshaped or reconstructed, or both, under guidance from the course architect.  We decided during his recent visit not to proceed with the 8th fairway bunker, otherwise all is as outlined.  (The Powerpoint presentation used in November is available from the office. Also in the Members Section of the website, under Information you can read about the Course Development Plan).

 The initial work will be led by a specialist contractor, who will be on site for 2 weeks.  Our own staff will do all of the detailed work once the major earth-moving has been done.  We will need at least a second winter to complete the planned work:  there is too much to do in a single season.

 Some of the work is quite extensive and will take affected bunkers out of play until next March as we wait for new or relaid turf to knit through to the soil.   These areas will be marked as GUR.

 For safety and cost reasons we will need to use temporary tees or greens on holes where work is actually taking place - the contractor is expensive and we can’t have him standing around waiting for people to putt out.  These restrictions will only affect holes actually being worked on, hopefully never more than one at a time.  We are doing our best to minimise interference with Club events.  We needed to start as soon as possible because of the volume of work to be done and to avoid weather interference - the machines are very heavy and can’t be used over wet ground.

 The course committee apologises for the inevitable inconvenience that will be caused, and assures everyone that we are doing our best to keep it to a minimum compatible with common sense and safety.

Very Latest News:

We have agreed to defer the start of work either to Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning. We haven’t got the work detail from the architect:  the contractor has another day or two’s work he’s happy to go to rather than start without real plans.  It suits all of us.

So that avoids the Seniors Match tomorrow and the Ladies event on Wednesday, happily.


Course Committee