Work on the greens this week limited the Stimp reading on Friday to 8’ 3”.

Greens were verticut (precision scarifying to 1-2 mm depth).  This removes loose plant material which, if allowed to build up creates ‘thatch’ which retains water near the surface.  This leads to sick and soggy greens.  A lot of material was taken out:  the job needed doing.

The greens were then lightly dressed to improve the surface and increase firmness.  They were then watered for a couple of nights to get the dressing into the surface.  They can’t be cut until the dressing is out of the way - the grit blunts the mower blades - so they were not mown until Thursday.  They also can’t be rolled until the dressing is under the sward - the roller picks up dressing and drops it around on the greens.  There is always a price to pay!  Resuming mowing showed the greens are now growing fast following the warmth early in the week and the added moisture.

Through the green it's been normal mowing.  The fairways have been sprayed with a cocktail of selective weedkiller (daisies, clover), iron to check the moss which has benefited from last year’s drought, plus a slow release liquid fertiliser to encourage the grass.  All have visual results.

We have caught up with some routine spring work, especially tidying up and restoring the bunkers which were not part of the recent course project (phase 1).  

We have met with our farm neighbour.  He feels some responsibility for the recent fatal incident on Guy Lane since he planted the tree 40 years ago.  It is the least important of the ‘canopy’ trees which protect the road from balls off the 2nd tee, and was badly damaged by the crash, so we have agreed the farmer can remove it.

We have also had contact with the young man’s father:  he is pleased the tree is to come out and has also asked to participate in replanting the hedge.  
We have a quote to restore the area, erect a sheep fence (a simple and unobtrusive wire fence) along which we will plant hawthorn.  We will involve the family when the planting is to happen later in the autumn.

Finally, despite an earlier plea for people not to practice on the course it is evident that some members (good players) don’t think that applies to them.  The attached photo was taken on the 8th hole.  Our Bye-Laws say ‘not more than one ball may be played on to a green’.  Please observe that and be considerate to other members - and help us to maintain the course.