It’s been another challenging week for Gavin and his team, with two staff on leave plus a short week which started with a Bank Holiday and ended with a virtual course closure from 10:00 am due to an event with a shotgun start.  The team were in at 04:45 today (not for the first time recently!) but there just isn’t time to get everything done that we would like.  e.g. copses and practice ground needs mowing.  Other minor ‘housekeeping’ is also delayed.

 It has been a cool and frequently damp week, with Wednesday and yesterday having 15 mm of mainly light but steady rain.  Despite that the course feels quite dry.  Growth on the greens has slowed greatly in the lower temperatures and as the liquid feed of 2 weeks ago settles down.  The greens were star-slit (numerous 3” deep slits into the surface to get air into the upper layers), and have been alternately cut and ironed daily:  today they were cut then sprayed with iron to deter moss and discourage some early signs of fusarium.  Next week’s forecast higher temperatures will also help; fusarium enjoys damp conditions with moderate temperatures.

 Despite all that, we measured 9’ 3” on the Stimp this morning, more than a foot faster than last week and surprisingly quick for so early in the season, especially with the recent weather.  The greens will be cut and rolled over the weekend; we are hoping for around 10’ for the Men’s Spring meeting on Sunday.

 The bunkers were brought into play on Wednesday after some hard work to get the sand packed down.  Fairways are growing well.  Although they are still quite scarred they are no worse than elsewhere so we will lift Preferred Lies from Monday 13.


Note from the Captain:

Could you please pass my best wishes and thanks to all green keepers for all the hard work going into providing such an exceptionally conditioned course. Thanks also to those who turned out at such an ungodly hour to ensure Graham’s Invitational  was played in the best possible condition.

Kind regards

Roy - Captain