Hi everyone.

On routine matters, the greens have been growing vigorously all week, with 3 or 4 times the normal volume (for summer) of cuttings being taken off.  They have had to be mown every day rather than rolled (‘ironed’) alternate days.  We’ve been too busy to cut and roll on the same day as we might have liked.  Another long weekend and staff holidays coming up also puts pressure on resources.

We did the first Stimp measurement of the season today, despite the light rains during the morning giving us damp (and thus slower) greens.  The result was  8’, well below our target of 9’, but speeds in early May can vary greatly:  growth is very temperature dependant.  Today’s result was slightly below the average over the past 9 or 10 years for this time.  There are signs of meadow grass seed heads appearing - another early season menace.

We expected the bunkers to pack down after last weekend’s very heavy rainfall, but not so - the rain went straight through the loose sand.  So Gavin has been using the bunker rake to compact, following up with the whacker plate (a mechanical leveller).  It looks like the job is nearly done.  We will leave GUR in place over the weekend, when more rain is forecast, rake on Tuesday and then make a decision.  There are no signiificant competitions or events next week so we might leave Preferred Lies in place until the weekend.

We have come to some conclusions on the boundary by the road by the second.  The damaged area is some 37 metres long - with a single large bush standing alone in the middle.  The plan is to put in a simple post and wire fence (’sheep fencing’) - not barbed wire, which is unnecessarily aggressive.  We will also plant a hedge of haw- or black- thorn:  their spines will eventually make the real boundary.  Quotations for it all are being obtained, which will be forwarded along with photographs, to the insurers.

By the way, members may on Thursday have seen a mallard wandering the 6th/7th fairways with two chicks.  Gavin says she had 12 on Monday...