The liquid feed applied to the greens immediately before the Easter weekend kicked in vigorously in the warmth.  Everywhere else grew as well, meaning that when the staff returned to the course after their 4 day break they were fully occupied with mowing.  (A man comes in to carry out basic course preparation each weekend day, including cutting or ironing the greens, but little else).  The greens were noticeably slow on Tuesday but as the team caught up with the work the speed recovered. 

April rainfall to date had been well below average until this weekend, when we had 42 mm (1.5 “), mainly on Saturday.  The course took it well, as it does once it dries out in the Spring.  However, the earlier long dry spell, together with significant ground frosts, has slowed down germination such that the divotting we did at the beginning of the month has only recently begun to take effect. Particularly the fairways on the most vulnerable holes (the shorter par-4’s) are in poor condition. They were treated again on Friday, but it will be several days before that makes a difference.  We have therefore extended ‘Preferred Lies’ relief for the time being.  With permission from the Cheshire Golf Union competitions will continue to be Qualifiers.

The team completed sanding the bunkers later in the week.  The project work is now complete, but the sand remains very soft:  the heavy rain has not firmed it up as much as we had hoped.  Gavin is working to pack it down; hopefully we will get them into play by the end of the week.  Meanwhile the new and refurbished bunkers remain GUR, but at least the visual impact is now clear.

The club has been given insurance details regarding the tragic fatal road accident which occurred last week.  This should allow us to recover the costs of restoring the course boundary by the second fairway.  We have yet to decide how best to do that.