Monday, 15th July

The stimp on Friday was 8’ 1”, a major drop from the previous week’s 9’ 6”.  This is mainly weather-related:  we had 10 mm of rain overnight in what seems to have been a downpour, to judge by the way some of the bunkers were washed in on Friday morning, and the greens were quite wet.  Also, Gavin has gone easy on the greens following the Club championships.  The height has been lifted slightly, and we are back to alternate days cutting and rolling, with a light fertilising on Friday.

Other than spraying outbreaks of clover in the cut rough - of which there will be more - course work is now simply routine mowing., Forth Bridge style.

We have had a couple of comments from members registering dismay that full wedge shots are no longer holding the greens but go bouncing through, with an implication that we need to soften them by more watering.  Well, they are not that hard:  we are still getting pitch marks.  In any case players should adapt their game to the conditions, not seek to customise the course.  Our architect Martin Ebert’s’ email address includes the phrase  ‘pitchandrun’, which rather shows where his sympathies lie. 

Martin designed the 2 new holes at Royal Portrush for this year’s Open.  He has sent us (and many others, no doubt!) a photo brochure of the course, which can be found at