Not much time for the team to do anything else now we are into ‘normal’ summer conditions.  It’s been a dry week other than some rain early on Saturday.  It’s actually been dry enough for the greens to start to burn on the high points/ridges, requiring some watering. 

The cutting height on the greens was lowered to 3.5mm mid-week ahead of the Club Championships, with the greens being cut and ironed daily.  They were also brushed to bring the grass nap up and achieve a sharper cut.  The Stimp measured 9’ 6” on Friday and would not have slowed over the weekend.  The cut will be restored to 4mm after the Ladies Championships this week.

Gavin has developed a theory that the Turf Iron (roller) is more effective on damp (watered) greens.  However, overnight Friday the system sprang a leak by the putting green which needs a specialist to fully repair - the electric control wire that runs beside the pipe was damaged.  There is an intrinsic problem with the course irrigation system:  when it was installed the plastic pipes were jointed using a solvent system which over time is weakening the pipes.  Nobody knew at the time, but we now have to live with a fragile system.  There are ’00’s of these joints on the course…

Sadly, one of our long-term greenkeepers, Iwan, has resigned after 13 years with us.  He is moving to join the grounds staff at Wrexham FC.  He lives in Wrexham:  the attraction of ‘normal’ hours and minimal commuting was too great to resist for a man with family responsibilities.  It will not be easy to replace him:  we could not replace his productivity with an inexperienced man.