The most significant item to report this week is that Callum Roberts, our new greenkeeper, joined us last Monday.  He has made an excellent start, being familiar with much of our machinery, and seems to be getting on well with the team. 

The other noteworthy comment is that Tony Wellings achieved 25 years’ service this week.  Tony, our own man mountain, is a huge asset to the team and deserves the congratulations (and the tea, cakes, ale, and champagne) that came his way during the week.

On the course we are gradually moving into the summer routine, although the morning frosts that we have had most days has slowed growth down appreciably.  The greens have been alternately cut and rolled (‘ironed’) through the week and are running well.  They need feeding but that can’t be until after the frosts stop.

Much of the lads’ time has been spent in the bunkers, digging out and shaping plus making sure the drains are running clear - replacing them where necessary.  Gavin has started to sand them up but will keep them out of play for a few days to let the sand compact down - it’s all a bit fluffy at the moment.  Now he wants rain…. 

Another plea from me, please:  the long-handled scoops that should be by the 12th ditch keep disappearing.  Member(s?)  seem  to be taking them elsewhere and not returning them to their proper position.  PLEASE WILL PEOPLE PUT THEM BACK!  Especially on 12 these scoops are an important safety feature to prevent less able players having to go down into the ditch.  If there are places elsewhere on the course where scoops are necessary just ask:  they don’t cost much in the scheme of things, and are certainly not worth risking us being sued or prosecuted.


Meet our new greenkeeper Callum Roberts who joined us last Monday as assistant head greenkeeeper.  This is a new position for Eaton, and is intended to take some of the load off Gavin.

Callum has joined us from Denton.  Prior to that, he learned his trade at Chester GC.  He plays golf to a high standard (handicap 3) and represented Wales at age under 13, 15, and 18 levels.

I am pleased to say that Callum seems to be integrating well with the team, which is important in such a small group.