Course update 29th November

Unsurprisingly, not much to report.  We had 12 mm of rain last weekend, since when it has rained every day, adding another 6 mm to the week’s total.  There is just no opportunity for the course to dry (nae drouth, as we would say in Scotland).  Even today, Friday, after a heavy overnight ground frost it was 1 o’clock before the water from the melt had cleared, which didn’t leave much time before it got cold again.  Unsurprisingly the ‘carry only’ restriction will continue over the weekend, to be reassessed on Monday.

The ground remains too soft for vehicles, so Gavin has had to deal with what he can reach on foot or via paths.  He has been able to finish the turfing, which now has to be left to root through before he can do much else with the bunkers.  He has widened the path past the half-way house to make it easier to use.  It will also help to drain the low-lying corner.  When possible he will lift the 8th path past the tees to prevent it ponding.

New holes were cut this afternoon.  The greens have responded well to the recent spray, but are now showing signs of fusarium fungal disease, as are many other courses at the moment.  When we have access the greens will have to be sprayed with fungicide (£800).  A serious attack of ‘fuzz’ causes very unsightly yellow patches and takes months to grow out.

Alan Wood