We have had around 8 mm of rain during the week plus a significant frost overnight on Wednesday.

Gavin is on holiday - back Tuesday - and we are still a man short until Monday, when Callum joins us.  The depleted team of Tony, Iwan and Will have been more than busy, mainly with routine tasks.  All the grass has been cut; the greens cut and rolled alternate days.  They will be mown both days over the weekend.  New holes were cut this morning ahead of the Seniors Open tomorrow.

The team have also installed drainage board in most of the rebuilt bunkers.  This is lightweight but heavy duty porous board ‘planks’ that can be seen at the bottom of the bunker, covering the gravel over the actual plastic perforated pipe drain.  On several of the old bunkers we found that the pipe was completely clogged up with sand, which blocked the drains allowing the bunker to flood.  Hopefully this material will prevent that.  Inevitably, because the name is prefixed with ‘golf’ the material is expensive - certainly for recycled scrap plastic….


bunker boards