Today's Stimp was 8’10”. 

Rainfall this week was 5 mm, bringing June's total in the Chester area up to more than double normal levels.  The dry spell forecast will at last let the course be mown in the dry, getting away from the unavoidable but unsightly ' clumping' we get from wet cuttings.  Gavin is into his normal cutting and rolling routine, intending to keep the speeds up ahead of the Club Championships next weekend. 

He came in last Sunday early to move some of Mr. Captain's more mischievous pin positions before the Stableford competition.  For reference, there are a number of differing 'guidelines' relating to where pins should be placed.  Gavin works to the hole being a pin's length from the edge of the greens and the same distance away from a slope.

The Woo-Woo is to be pumped out on Saturday, hopefully, but it will be left closed until Monday to allow it to mellow.