Course News 22nd November

Although there was little rain it took the course several days to dry this week.  Anyone who played earlier will have appreciated how soggy everywhere was:  it was late into the day before the frost or dew had cleared and surface drying could begin.  However, by Thursday morning conditions had improved enough to let trolleys back on. We then had 3mm of rain overnight Thursday, which was managed OK.  There is more forecast for the weekend which is a bit troubling.

 We finally had turf delivered on Wednesday.  Since then Gavin has been focused on getting it laid.  As of Friday he had completed 6, 7, 8 and half of 10. (see attached shots of the 10th and 8th).  He has moved all the turf he needs to finish the 10th, meaning he will be able to finish it on Monday even if we have a wet weekend.  The 9th can be accessed mainly on paths so should not be delayed.  That puts us back on track with our timetable.  There remains a fair amount of work to relay the bunker drains but that is less weather-dependant - unlike completing the 14th tee, where the surrounding area is very soft and won’t take traffic at the moment.

 PLEASE can members try not to walk on the newly-laid turf.  It needs to be left in peace to knit through to the underlying soil.   The entire area around the bunkers which have been worked on is abnormal ground conditions (GUR) and relief must be taken.

 On the course Gavin cut the greens today, taking off a modest amount.  He also sprayed them with a winter fertiliser and moss killer to toughen the grass and deal with the moss which prospers in these conditions.  The greens will go a bit black, but fear not!  The fairways are still too soft to take a mower.

 We are exploring refurbishing the broken tee pots, some of which are flaking and rusting.   Curiously the yellow ones are affected much more than the other colours.  It may be that replacement will be cheaper than shot blasting and spray painting.

 We now have found a way to beam club wi-fi over to the sheds.  Together with the new controller to be installed next spring that means Gavin will be able to manage the irrigations system remotely i.e. he will not have to come in just to turn it off when it rains unexpectedly.

 Callum has obtained a chain saw qualification, allowing us to deal with minor tree issues.  Anything significant we use contractors.




8th bunkerBunker on the 8th     

10th bunkerBunker on the 10th

The small pot bunker by the green here is being turfed. You may just be able to make out the heap of turves between Keith and Gavin.
  It will just be a grassy hollow.