After last weekend’s deluge (42 mm of rain in 24 hours overnight Friday 25/ Saturday 26) we’ve had no rain until overnight Thursday when there was 7 mm.  Although the weather had been reasonably pleasant we have had light frosts and no wind, so there has been no meaningful evaporation.  The course remains very soft, with a few informal ponds still visible.  If we get the rain forecast for Friday/Saturday we will be back to square one.

 Gavin has focused on the reconstructed bunkers.  He has had to dig out a new drain for the 6th greenside because the bunker bottom has been lowered by a few inches.   He has been able to put topsoil on 6 and 7, ready to take turf.  We should be able to get all the new turf laid this month, well within target.  At least 2 of the unmodified bunkers will need their drains cleared out.

 Although the greens were cut this week very little came off, which hopefully means growth has almost stopped so we can focus the team on bunker work for the next few weeks.


2 November 2019