Despite a very wet start and end to the week Gavin and team are well-pleased with the week’s work.  This was the critical period in the second phase of the course enhancement project, when we had a skilled and expensive contractor to assist.  He is well worth his money!  Despite the very wet conditions we’ve escaped without too much ground damage.

We have reshaped/rebuilt the greenside bunkers on 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10.  Some we have made smaller to give them more visual impact; others have been reshaped, including the surrounds - it’s surprising how the greenside edges have been raised by sand splash, for example:  on the 7th the leading face was a good 9” higher with virtually pure sand.  The reconstruction includes a complete rebuild of the drainage.

The 14th white/yellow tee has been moved 10-12 yards nearer the 2nd fairway to open up the perspective down the fairway ( photo right).  We also hope it will allow removal of the internal out of bounds.   Moving the tee was a complex job:  we needed to reuse as much of the original materials, including turf, as possible.  

The new tee will be returfed as soon as possible, as will the altered bunker surrounds.  New turf needs to be left for 3 months to allow it to root through before we can shape and add sand.  Hopefully all done by the beginning of April next year, when an event-full Centenary year starts.

Alan Wood


14th tee