27th September

Although we have had only 20 mm of rain since Monday - on top of 10mm the week before - it has been enough to make the course quite wet.  That’s unusual for Eaton at this time of year, and probably because it’s been consistently wet nearly all summer.

As a result, members are reporting ‘mud balls’ on fairways.  With the significant rainfall forecast over the weekend we have therefore decided to implement Preferred Lies, with immediate effect.  Unfortunately it means this weekend’s competition will be a non-qualifier but it was felt to be the lesser of two evils.  From 1 October Preferred Lies competitions are automatically qualifiers.

Another consequence of the soft ground has been the tees work could not be done; we will have to fit it in as and when.  We also need to vertidrain the greens to relieve the compaction which is apparent from the short-lived flooding in heavy rain. It’s an inevitable consequence of frequent rolling.

Next week we have heavy kit coming in to tackle the overgrown ponds, but we are concerned about how soft the ground is.  We are really keen to do this work now:  there will be little opportunity to catch up through the winter, and next spring we will have the nesting birds problem again.

On Monday the architect is visiting to scope out this autumn’s project work.   The contractor is due to come in Monday 6th October. The main items are moving the 14th white/yellow tees and rebuilding/remodelling the greenside bunkers on 6, 7, 8, & 10.  We also will change the bank slope on the clubhouse pond to make the water more visible and allow us to maintain the slope with a mower.