31st March

It’s been a positive week, with warm (for the time of year!) weather and no rain.  Gavin has been able to get heavy traffic onto the course and get into the bunkers.  It’s surprising how much spoil has to be dug out of the new bunkers to shape the face once the profile has been cut - trailer loads per bunker:  thank goodness we have our own mini-digger.  Work has progressed well, as can be seen; we hope to sand up the bunkers and have them back into play by the middle of April.

The warmth has encouraged the grass to grow.  All areas have now been mown, including the cut rough.  We have re-profiled the deep rough forward and left of the Red 18th tee to get rid of a problematic spot and have started to cut in a band of intermediate fringing rough, which will lie between the cut and deep rough, in an attempt to slow down or trap some balls heading for oblivion.  It’s an experiment...

The greens were cut and rolled regularly during the week, bringing a sparkle to the speed.  We won’t start to measure the stimp until the end of April:  weather variations have a large effect on the way the grasses grow at this time of year which makes comparing speed week to week less than meaningful.