The "greens week" went successfully.  Hollow tining removed almost a trailer load of material from the upper layer of each green, followed by verti-cutting (micro-scarifying) which removed around 5 trailers of excess plant matter from the 20 greens (includes putting and chipping greens), despite the blades only being set at 2mm deep.  Left in place this would work down into the greens, making them spongy and disease-prone.

We then spread around 1.5 tonnes per green of dressing (an 80:20 sand-compost mixture) to replace what was taken out by tining and reduce the dead plant material that despite regular scarifying gradually accumulates over the season.  Although the dressing is well-brushed in we can’t mow until it is down at the base of the grass - the sand damages the cutter blades.

So, the greens have not been mown all week, and will therefore have been very slow.  Apologies for that, but this treatment is essential for the health of the greens - especially in winter.

Next week will be the turn of the tees. Nothing quite so severe, but it’s equally important.

The week after that we will have the ponds cleared, weather permitting, and the following week the bunker work starts. Course management is a constant treadmill for our head Greenkeeper!