Today’s Stimp was 9’ 8, a bit brisk!  It brings the average speed for the summer up to 9’, our target.

The turf iron was out of service this week, until yesterday, so the greens could not be rolled until this morning; they have been cut every day.  Tomorrow they will be rolled and then cut and rolled on Sunday morning.  Growth has slowed appreciably.  It’s been a mainly dry but humid and warm week, with around 5mm of rain on Wednesday.  The greens are soft and prone to pitch marks - please try and repair at least one as you pass by.

The hay harvest went ahead.  Gavin cut it all last Thursday/Friday; the farmer turned and rowed it up Sunday and Monday;  and the baler came in later on Monday - finishing in the dark with his lights on  It was all a bit rushed to get it collected before the hay spoiled  - it was already getting past it, in truth, but the weather has been against us this month.  We will tidy up the residues this coming week.

Drama!  When the farmer came in to start collecting the bales on Tuesday afternoon his tractor caught fire just inside our service gate.  It was a major blaze, needing the fire brigade.  He has today started to bring in the bales but until the insurers pronounce he doesn’t have the proper kit so it’s a slower than usual job.

The Cheshire Union County Foursomes are being played on Sunday - 26 pairs playing 36 holes foursomes stroke play, an exacting format.  First match is off at 08:30 (including a valiant young pair from Eaton) then resuming round 2 at 13:00.  All welcome to watch - the lowest handicap is an impressive +3.  It’s unfortunate the course has to be closed until 4 pm, but it adds to the image and reputation of the club - as well as gaining us another CGU event crest to mount beside the bar!

Alan Wood
30 August 2019