Today (Friday)'s Stimp was 8’ 10”, held down by a relatively slow 9th.  We find that the trees surrounding the 9th green keep it relatively damp longer than the others.

After the prolonged heavy rain last week (50 mm Monday to Monday) we’ve had another 11 mm mid-week.  Fortunately it was steady rain, not intermittent deluges so the bunkers did not wash in. 

It’s been dry but humidity remains high so we had to treat fusarium at the beginning of the week.  It also means that the greens are growing very strongly, so we have had to focus on mowing:  they’ve only been rolled a couple of times.  (we haven’t the manpower to routinely cut and roll each day).

Frank the summer temp has decided that the Post Office was not for him after all - it would have interfered too much with his football which is his real ambition - so he will stay with us for the rest of the summer.  Iwan's replacement Alan starts on Monday.