Friday, 31st May

 Today’s Stimp was 8’ 11”.  

We have had just on an inch of rain since last Friday - 90% of it falling last weekend.  It has been damp/humid all week with the temperature slowly rising.  The greens are not yet into full summer mode - seed heads are almost gone, but today they had a fair amount of oak tree flower debris on them.

Gavin and his team (depleted due to holidays) have achieved a huge amount this (4 day) week to get the course looking so well.  He, of course, points to all the details not addressed, but he does rather ask a lot of himself.

This week greens were cut after the Bank Holiday, rolled the day after, cut and rolled Thursday (ahead of the Scratch match) and again rolled today.  Grass growth is more like ‘normal’ judging by the amount coming off when cut.  The team measure growth in terms of number of ‘boxes’ i.e. how often the grass boxes need to be emptied.  A normal summer rate is around 3 boxes, which was this week’s figures.  The previous 2 weeks were 5 and 6 boxes, double normal.  Growth at that rate quickly slows greens down!

Greens have also been sprayed with a cocktail of Primo Maxx (a growth modifier which slows vertical growth of the grass leading shoot and encourages the laterals - in other words it keeps the grass short whilst encouraging sward density) - plus some liquid seaweed (a very mild fertiliser) and iron.

Through the green the fairways have responded well to the fertiliser/weed killer applied a couple of weeks ago - as have the daisies, albeit in a different way.  Green aprons and the approach to the 12th ditch are also looking good due to being fertilised earlier in the year.