Stimp this week was 8’ 10”.

We measure the speed on 3 greens - 9th, 14th, 18th, mainly for convenience.  We have done speed measurements elsewhere on the course and found them to be reasonably consistent.  Apart from what treatment the greens have received the dominant factor is weather:  cold and wet is quite a depressant!  The speed on our 3 greens differs one to another but over the summer we find that they each average out pretty much the same as each other.  As the Americans say, go figure.

This week we found that the 9th was fastest, the 14th slowest, by as much as a foot - which is unusual and not what we aim for.  We can only reckon that the cause is meadow grass seed heads, which were most prominent on the 14th (the seed heads are the little yellow dots:  although tiny they do disrupt the roll).

This week greens have been cut and rolled alternately except Friday when we did both.  New holes have been cut, as usual.  Elsewhere on the course, other than normal mowing, we have weedkilled the cut rough and tees. 

Renovating the bunkers not part of the current project continues.  Interestingly, when Gavin sorted out the face overhang on the 7th greenside bunker he found it had been built up with almost a foot of sand - what the architect calls ’sand splash’.  That makes it one of the leading candidates for attention when we start the major refurbishment of existing bunkers next autumn.

Next week will be the fourth short week out of 8 due to public holidays.  And the new rough mower is temporarily in dock due to a bent drive shaft, so se are having to use the old one.  Always something!