Course News 23rd March

As of last weekend there had been only 1 dry day in March, keeping everything very soft.  We’ve now hit a dry (and mild) spell and the grass is growing.  We’ve cut the greens twice this week, taking off substantial amounts both times.  The fairways have been cut, including a bit of an experiment on a couple of fairways with the new rough mower which can be set to the 14mm we normally have the fairways.  In general it worked well but the rotary blades are not ideal at that height.  However, it means that we can deal with the rye grass stalks later in the summer.  The other fairways were cut with the old fairway mower - Gavin does not want to risk damaging the blades on the new machine on the worm casts which are prevalent at the moment.

Also, the first cut has now been reinstated, which gives the course its shape.  It’s good to smell mown grass again! 

Next week, we will tackle the cut rough.  That’s likely to be a bit messy until we’ve been over it a couple of times: the grass is quite long and lush; the cuttings will tend to clump a bit.

The soft ground has lost us all of March for major bunker work until late last week.  Gavin has now started to shape out the new and reconstructed areas - as evidenced on 13, 2 and 4.  It’s going to be well into April before they are all back in play.

The dangerous oak tree on 9 has gone, leaving a surprisingly broad stump and a goodly quantity of oak ‘slices’.  If anyone is interested let the office know, but beware, some of it is very heavy.  It is likely we will plant some replacements next winter.