Update 7th June

We stimped on Thursday this week because Friday (and Saturday) are forecast very wet.  We've already had 16 mm of rain on Tuesday, and a further 25 mm fell over Friday and Saturday.  It has also been humid, with below average temperatures all week - and in previous weeks.Rainbow

The stimp reading was 8’ 9”.  Green speeds are affected by many factors, some we understand, many we don’t.  We do know that moisture is a major player - it’s noticeable that our ‘fastest’ periods coincide with long dry spells.  Conversely, dampness - even just a softness in the greens - slows things down appreciably.

A problem caused by current below average temperatures and high humidity is the emergence of fusarium fungal disease, visible as circles of yellow diseased grass on the greens.  This has broken out recently.  It’s most unusual at this time of year.  We have sprayed with fungicide to catch it early - costly but effective!

Through the green it has been mainly routine work.  We still have a few fairway bunkers to fettle up by edging out and topping up the sand.  We also want to solid tine the greens - punching pointed steel rods 6-9” into the surface gets air down to the root zone to improve long-term health.  Ideally we would then top dress to improve the composition of the greens but there is too much play activity scheduled next week to permit that.  Once a green has been dressed we can’t roll or mow it for 3-4 days:  dressing gets lifted by the roller and drops onto the greens in clumps, or it blunts the mower blades.

A serious incident was reported on Saturday morning.  Several range balls were found by the 16th green, suggesting someone warming up at Professional’s Day was hitting over the end of the range, blind.  This is very dangerous and is explicitly forbidden by a notice on the range.  We are trying to find out who it was so that action can be taken - it’s simply not acceptable, especially from someone who should know better.