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Clubhouse redesign

Since our clubhouse has become inadequate for modern golfers, the Board has asked a sub-committee to look at a variety of options.

There are certain areas of our clubhouse which require alteration, in particular:

  • Spike bar
  • Ladies locker room
  • Dining/lounge area.

The sub-committee consists of  Andrew Ramsey (Company Secretary), Mr Vice Captain(Roy Claxton), the chair of House committee (Mike Day), a house committee member (Rob Beecham) and a member of the Ladies committee (Elizabeth Caulfield who is a qualified architect).

Their remit is to draw up a proposed plan for alterations together with outline costings which will be presented to members prior to any work being undertaken.

Please feel free to express your views to any member of this sub-committee or any Board member.

Although the Board’s strategic focus remains on the course, as the club’s major asset, it is also very aware that the facilities, like the clubhouse, need to be developed as current usage evolves. The time scale for any alterations will depend on club finances. The Board intends that the club continues to remain debt free.

Kind regards,

Madam Chair