Junior Winter League

Saturday Afternoon starting at 12 midday

  • 1 hour coaching before play starts on one key area
  • 9 holes match play (1v1)
  • Once your match has finished you are free to go or there will be a
    challenge put on. They can gain extra help and coaching in this
  • I will also be monitoring play throughout and will sit down and
    give them feedback on their game, which is crucial in a competitive environment for their development.


2 groups will play each other on a round robin basis for the first 9
weeks. (BE AWARE IF YOUR IN GROUP 2 THAT YOU MAY NOT BE PLAYING SOME WEEKS, but you are still welcome to come down and practice and get coached)

After that the top 4 from each group will progress to the quarterfinals from there it is a straight knock out to determine the winner.

There will be a cost of £5 per person each week

Each player will play against the other players in the table and be awarded points based if they win or draw.

Players will also receive bonus points if they can win by a margin of 3 and 2 or better. This will be explained to the juniors before we get underway.

Points Scoring System

Win – 3pts

Draw – 1pt each

Loss – 0pts

Bonus Point – 1pt

(Win by 3 and 2 or more)

Fixture Dates

28th October (Week 1)

11th November (Week 2)

18th November (Week 3)

25th November (Week 4)

9th December (Week 5)

16th December (Week 6)

23rd December (Week 7)


6th January (Week 8)

20th January (Week 9)

27th January (Quarter Finals)

10th February (Semi finals)

24th February (Final)