Get to know Covid 19 or Coronavirus – 2020

Corona is a molecule of protein – RNA,covid

Covered in a layer of fat or lipid, so they say.

It turns our good cells into bad so they become aggressive,

It turns them into multipliers and they become excessive.


It’s not alive so can’t be killed – decays at its own pace.

The rate depends on temperature, humidity and place.

It lasts 3 days on plastics, 3 hours in the air.

On metals, wood and cardboard, times between these it can bear.


Its layer of fat can be removed – detergent or some soap,

Foam breaks down this fatty layer, without which it can’t cope.

Heat melts fat, so washing over twenty five degrees

Can also disinfect and help us conquer this disease.


It thrives in cold conditions, likes moist and humid air.

Stay warm and dry and bright and it’s less likely to be there.

It likes to live on people so stay away, don’t touch.

Two metres is the minimum, though no one likes this much!


This virus spread around the world from China to our shores.

It’s caused us all to change our lives and make us stay indoors.

Jobs, travel and our social lives will have to start anew

But, never mind – we’re British and our strength will see us through!

Mary Thorp 17th April, 2020