Despite the disappointing affect of the rain at the start of the week the course is drying. We just need a truly dry week to get back on a normal course management routine. It has to come good sooner or later, else the law of averages needs rewriting.

This week Gavin has been able to cut the fairways and the greens. The latter have been dusted with lawn sand (moss killer) which is why they look so black. A light feed at the same time will encourage the grass to take over the gaps where the moss was. Any bare patches will be quickly colonised by meadow grass (poa annua) which invades at any opportunity.

We tried to cut the rough and copses but had to abandon it - the machines got stuck and had to be towed out.

Gavin has sorted the informal pond on the right of 9.  There was a blockage in the outflow drain which he was able to rod clear (sounds straightforward but first find the drain!). A surface drain point (‘gulley pot’) will finish the job.

Alan 13.3.20