The Return to Golf group met on the morning of the 16th July 2021 to discuss a proposal for the implementation of a hybrid system relating to the ‘Turn up and Play and bookable options’ and their proposal was reviewed and approved at the Board meeting last night.

The following hybrid system will trialled and reviewed after 8 weeks:

Bookable tee slots from 8 until 8.30

Turn up and play 8.30 until 11am

Bookable 11am until the finish

·        The new booking system will commence from Monday 2nd August.

·        Members will be able to book for 14 days in advance.

·        Tee times will remain at 10 minute intervals.


Weekend and Ladies competitions will continue to require pre-booking through HDID.

Mens mid-week competitions will follow the hybrid system, i.e. they would be turn up and play but could also be pre-booked in the designated time slots - no bookings will be made on HDID.  All members are entitled to book on a mid-week competition day and do not have to partake in the competition.

Members group bookings

Members groups such as the Albatross, Waverton, Nomads etc. will be permitted to request the office or Pro Shop to block book out any bookable tee times to allow their groups access on the course. 

Roll Up players overlapping with the bookable tee times

Members who turn up and realise that they will not get out before the bookable times commence will need to speak to the Pro Shop who can take a look to see if there are any gaps in the bookable slots.  No gaps would mean that they cannot get out on the course.

Feedback document

Members will be encouraged to complete a feedback document which will be available from the Pro Shop and locker rooms regarding their personal experiences of the hybrid system.



 Further information:

Following my previous email regarding the trial Hybrid system that will come into play from Monday 2nd August, a number of queries have come through so I thought it would be worth sharing some more details with you which will hopefully alleviate some of the issues.

The booking system has been updated to show ‘Turn up and Play’ with no option to book from 8.30 until 10.50am and ‘Reserved for Members’ in all other time slots which can be pre-booked 14 days in advance.  Competitions, Matches, Societies and Events can be seen when viewing the diary through the website or on the BRS booking system and these will override where required the Turn up and Play/Members booking slots. 


Members will be able to Turn up and Play without pre-booking from 8.30am until l0.50am each day subject to the note below:

Members should ensure that they do check the diary as other events such as ladies matches, seniors matches, societies etc. do commence and take play during the ‘Turn up and Play’ times and therefore, members would not be able to play if the tee is allocated for a match/event.


All members can either pre-book tee times or play in the ‘Turn up and play slot’ during a men’s midweek competition day.  For those gentlemen members who wish to play in the competition itself, you will just need to register in the Pro Shop prior to commencing your round.


From the 2nd August, the bookable back nine slots will be available to book from 7.40 until 9.30am apart from Tuesdays and Thursdays.  As with the BRS system, you will be able to book 14 days in advance.


As has been established practises historically, members are permitted to play from the 10th tee but must ensure that the priority is given to any players who are already playing on the course. 


The Seniors who enjoy the opportunity to play in the roll ups may Turn Up and Play between 8.30 and 10.50am without advance booking or commitment, as pre-pandemic. If the course availability is such, they may start from the 10th or 15th but will need to consider that they can get round to the 1st tee before 10.50 without interfering with members. Societies, events etc. booked out at 11am.

If playing from the 10th or 15th tee, priority must be given to those already playing on the course.

Hope the above gives some clarification but please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further queries.

Kind regards

Kerry Brown





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