From Golf to no Golf in just a few days – March 2020

Twenty twenty started with fireworks and a ball.
Now, a few months later, there’s not much fun at all!

This year there came a virus - a bit like World War three
It now has spread to England, it’s affecting you and me.

Events are being cancelled for April and for May
No touching other’s golf balls - we are still allowed play.

Do not touch the flagpoles, bunker rakes have been removed.
No gatherings of people - AGM can’t be approved.

Enter by the locker room, wash hands, don’t get too near,
2 metres is the distance to stay safe with others here.

Bar and clubhouse catering are closed from 21st.
If you don’t die from the virus, you could now die of thirst!

Just a few days later, we’re told to stay inside.
This lockdown covers everyone, the rule is countrywide.

The course is closed, we can’t go out, no golf, no sport, no fun.
No aeroplanes, few cars around – the same for everyone.

BUT never mind, there’s jobs to do, there’s Facetime and there’s Skype
It’s possible to contact friends if you’re the social type.

It’s April now and what’s ahead? It’s quite unknown I fear.
And such a shame this happened in our big Centenary Year.

M. Thorp, 2nd April, 2020