The Environment Matters

We share our land with birds, mammals, plants, insects - they frequent our ponds, hedgerows, trees and sky etc. We help to preserve their environment and by improving it we also make our golf course more attractive and interesting.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) supported the Course Committee and the Head Greenkeeper to keep on top of best practice for such matters. You can read more about this on the Club website Environment/The Environment.

The Group has weakened over the years and is desperately in need of members (it has totally disintegrated).  

The work is not demanding:  it is largely informal and the group would meet as and when it feels necessary, but it does need to pro-actively keep an eye on things environmental and be ready to advise the Course Committee appropriately. You will get plenty of help from various sources including the Cheshire Wildlife Trust and STRI (Sports Turf Research Institute).

If you have an interest in any of this and would like to become involved, please contact one of the undersigned.  Any small amount of time you can offer will be very welcome.

Course Committee

6 February 2024



Course Director Simon Dangar:

Alan Wood:



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