The cold snap transitioned into a warm spell with rain sandwiched in between.  We’ve had 6 mm of rain this week plus quite heavy dews/frosts.  The course was still too soft to take heavy machines, and the moisture on the greens has stimulated a small but widespread outbreak of fusarium, which loves these conditions.  The greens have been sprayed to prevent the fungus disfiguring them with yellow patches.

The greens and surrounds have been cut again.  Last week’s light feed is working; a further 6 boxes were taken off.  The wide smooth tyres on the greens mower lose traction on soft slopes; it needed tow recovery more than once.  When Gavin sprayed the greens he needed to perform 3-point turns on the greens to avoid getting stuck in the soft surrounds.

A new adjustable mole plough with more versatile operating features has been delivered.  Now we just need to decide where to trial it - and suitable conditions!  It’s a Goldilocks situation - the ground can’t be so soft the tractor can’t get on it, nor so dry the plough can’t be pulled through the soil.

The 5th bridge has been rebuilt using new steel girders and the old railway sleepers.  See photos.  Gavin needs to pack the timbers to fix them solidly and to add side beams for safety and additional stability.  We are fortunate the steel problem was discovered whilst we are shut - not being able to use the bridge for 2 weeks would have been a real problem.

The other good news is that Gavin has appointed a new greenkeeper to replace Tony. The new man will start in 4 weeks’ time - his name, background, and perhaps a photo will follow once he is physically with us.

Fingers crossed that the forecast dry spell actually happens and we can get on with the outstanding course work.  That will include completing the 11th bunker - drain and sand - plus tining and verticutting the greens. 

Alan Wood 1st March2021