No surprises this week.  We’ve had over 20 mm of heavy rain during the week, forcing course closure from mid-week, which has been extended over the weekend.  All the local courses other than those on sand are in the same position.  This has been/still is the wettest winter in course memory.

We were able to make some progress on the course before being rained off - a bit more banding on 16 and 18, 2 or 3 fairways cut, as were the greens, but the weather put a stop to everything.   It is so frustrating!

We have decided to take out the cornus (dogwood) copse on the right of 10, just short of the fairway.  It’s badly choked and unsightly and has no golfing purpose.  A decision as to if, and with what, we might replant the area will be taken in the autumn.

The course committee has also agreed to some changes to the range to improve short game practice.  More substantial modifications to the chipping green to increase its ‘capacity’ are being evaluated; the cost is significant.  If approved it will be winter work. 

Course committee

9 February 2024


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